Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I get my hair done Friday afternoon and I seriously can not wait! I haven't had it colored since before Schuyler was born which seems like yesterday but a quick glance in the mirror at my roots and I am reminded he is 11 weeks now. Wow..11 weeks...I think 2 completely different thoughts at the same time regarding that statement --- "Holy cow the past 11 weeks have flown by!" and "Really? That's it? 11 weeks? Feels like a lot longer!" Not quite sure how it is possible to feel both of those things at once, but yet I do. Maybe I am a confused individual. So, I haven't colored my hair in 11 weeks.. another thing I have failed to do is paint my toenails. I have gone the entire summer with the same polish on that I got 3 days before he was born...well some toes still have the color on. haha! Right now I feel like if you looked in the dictionary under "frumpy" my picture would be really is quite frustrating and I am having a bit of an issue with it lately. But that is all about to change.. well I mean I guess I could still be rather frumpy with new hair, but hopefully not. Hopefully this will be the start of me rediscovering myself....hopefully I won't forget to start..or get sidetracked.. hmm.. thinking I might be a lost cause right now. Oh well, I am still going to try. I am marching in there Friday and just letting her do whatever she wants.. well within reason and of course I reserve the right to ultimately have the final decision. So I suppose we'll see what happens.

Right now our new heat pump and furnace is getting installed. Yeah so get this.. Monday afternoon our a/c decided to just stop working. So I guess the quick fix of 500.00 that we paid, oh, 2 weeks ago, was really just a quick fix! Thank goodness we went ahead and were proactive with just getting a whole new system. It would have been totally something we would have put off but thank goodness we didn't! Monday night was dreadful though... oh it was soooo hot! Tuesday morning they showed up at 9am to start the install. The house got insanely hot so we got our behinds out of there and went to play at It's Playtime. I was so thankful their air conditioning was working! We had to come home for naps though (nevermind the fact that no one ended up taking their nap) and boy was the house steamy! Jason had won tickets to a Tincaps game so then last night we went to that. We all totally thought since installation was a 2 day process that last night was going to be another hot night. The guys were still working when we left for the ballgame. Well, when we got home our house was nice and COLD..very cold actually! It was such a nice surprise! We all slept very well last night! Then this morning we were woken up at 8:45 by the HVAC guys coming to finish the install. Woops. Haha! The installation process is a very loud one though so today was another day of not good naps. Isabelle didn't sleep at all and Sky slept fitfully. I'm thinking early bedtimes tonight. ;o)

We were planning to go to the grocery store after naptime but now I just don't know. Can you believe this will only be the third grocery outing in 11 weeks!!?? Good gracious how awful is that!?!? Somehow we still have food and have managed to survive! I wish that means I have saved a lot of money but unfortunately we have been having too much takeout! That's all going to stop too. Along with unfrumpifying myself I am also taking back my kitchen. I even made a meal plan! I haven't cooked in...hmmm... yeah can't remember. Jason has been doing all of the cooking or it's been gross frozen dinners or dinners from a box or takeout...I am rather excited about cooking again and taking back my kitchen...ok I am lying I am not excited at all but I am trying to tell myself that in an effort to convince myself otherwise. Really I am just feeling guilty from getting the call from Jason every night asking if he should pick something up or the look when he asks what's for dinner and I try and muster up my most excited smile and say "tuna helper"! After 11 weeks of Tuna helper it's a little hard to get excited about it. I had an easier time making the list of meals we were not going to have next week then I did trying to remember what exactly I used to cook! ooops.

I just uploaded photos from my camera...I have lots of fun ones to share! I'll get busy on that!

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