Friday, May 29, 2009

Just wanted to take a break from getting ready for Isabelle's party and post a quick little update. I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and it was a lot like my 39 week appointment when I was pregnant with Isabelle. Basically my body just LOVES being pregnant and my kids like hanging out in my uterus. LOL! I know you are all dying to know the status of my cervix so I won't keep you in suspense anymore! My OB said that she thinks my cervix was meant to carry twins...awesome if I was carrying twins not so exciting considering 1. I am not and 2. I have a baby that is supposed to be born in a week. LOL! So there's not much progress being made. There wasn't with Isabelle either so I really wasn't surprised. I think she expected me to be shocked about it, but I wasn't! HAHA! 

I go back to the Dr's on Tuesday to see how things are moving along and she scheduled an induction for Wednesday at 6AM! I am relieved that I am not on the verge of going naturally because I really want to be here tomorrow for Isabelle's party and I have a pedicure scheduled for Monday morning. Hee hee! 

I realized that I hadn't taken a belly pic in a few weeks so I took one this morning before we left for the gym. I'll try and import it and post it...its not pretty though! Consider yourself warned! ;o) Ok, gotta get back to my laundry list of things that need to get done. Ooh and I just remembered we got some oreos at the store...definitely going to have one of them! 

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