Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a little correction... I guess this is a pretty important space mission so they were super limited on what they could take with them so Isabelle and Boo are still on the ground. The astronauts did all sign the picture so that's still pretty cool.

Isabelle is working on her 3 year molars...hopefully teething will go a little better then it did when she was a baby! She seems to be feeling a lot better too. She woke up sick on Saturday..congested and just acting sick..whiney, lazy, sleepy... and then Sunday was even worse. Never any fever or body aches or anything..thank goodness. She would go through spurts where she would get some energy and play and act like her normal self, but for the most part she just lazed around. Oh, funny story though, she asked me if she was turning into a little piggie because of the swine flu. LOL..I thought that was funny. This morning though I called the Dr to talk to a nurse. I didn't know with how young she is and me being pregnant if they would want to see her or not..and basically I just wanted to set my own mind at ease. I'll admit I'm the crazy lady that calls the Dr (or Shirley! LOL!) about can judge, it's ok. ;o) Anyway, I could practically hear the nurse roll her eyes as she told me it was just a seasonal cold, but I am ok with that so I will continue to call all of the time. hee hee! Today she took a super long nap and woke up really looking like she was feeling better. Of course then she comes into the kitchen while I am making dinner and says her mouth on to the teething! Hopefully the teeth will pop through and the cold will go away all before the baby comes!

The good news is though that we are all ready for the baby! Well, I still have to pack the hospital bag, but we live like a mile from the hospital so I'm really not all that concerned about it. If I forget something Jason can run home and get it or my mom can just bring it in...I don't think it will be the end of the world. LOL! I still have a giant list of stuff to do but none of it is important..I mean it contains items like "replace lightbulbs" and "clean refrigerator" LOL! Oh well..I am having a blast nesting..I swear it is one of my favorite things about pregnancy. The whole house is is wonderful!


Courtney said...

Thanks for the clarification, although did anyone seriously think you were sending Isabelle and her stuffed animal into space for real??? I can just see the newscast now :)

Izzy'sMom said...

LOL I meant that the picture didn't end up going because it is a really important mission.. I can't remember if it was that they could only take limited number of items or if they weren't allowed to take anything.