Thursday, May 7, 2009

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted any belly pics in awhile.. woops! This one I actually had on the list to post when I last updated and somehow totally missed it. Well, I think I did anyway. This is from 32 weeks.. if you have already seen it, I apologize. I was under the impression black was supposed to be slimming..I think I was given the wrong impression and if this is the slimmed down version..eeek!
This is from today so 36 weeks. Yikes. Haha! I know I appear to have gained a lot, but I really haven't! From 32 to 34 weeks I didn't gain anything and from 34 to 36 weeks I gained 2lbs so looks can be deceiving I guess! Oh and sorry the picture is a little out of focus..woops.

And here I am displaying my belly for all the world to see..why I don't know, but what the heck, right!?!

So today I had my 36 week appointment. She said my cervix is very soft and I am 1 cm.. some people sit at 3 cm's for a month so I am not holding my breath or anything. Besides I am totally 100% ok with him hanging out for a few more weeks..well, that and we are so not ready! LOL! Since he was sideways (I forget the fancy schmancy word..), she put me on the ultrasound machine so we could make sure he's in position. It's confirmed that he is now in position so we are all good to go in that dept. He's supposed to be facing my back, but he's currently facing front (the fancy word for that is posterior in case you were wondering...). So he needs to do a little roll I guess. She said spending time on my hands and knees will help encourage him to flip. Guess that will be my new watching tv position! LOL!

We finally got nursery furniture and this past weekend set up the I just have to wash the mattress cover and sheets. He'll be sleeping in the co-sleeper for the first few weeks because there is no way I am treking up the steps the whole way to the other side of the house a million times a night.. yeah no thanks. All of the exercise might help me lose the weight faster, but its just not that important to me! haha! We also made a list and ordered or went out and got all the fun stuff we needed. Yesterday was a fun delivery day.. my nursing cover, baby carrier, car seat and sit & stand stroller all arrived! Isabelle thinks the stroller is the coolest thing ever! LOL! I think though that she thought I was a little wacko when I used her baby doll to try out the baby k'tan! Hee hee! I need to wash all of the clothes and stuff though. I do love the smell of Dreft though so I am very excited about that! :o) Also have to pre-0rder announcement envelopes and get planning on Isabelle's party. I know noone really cares about my to-do list..I am writing all of this stuff more for myself to sort out all of my scatterbrained thoughts.

Oh you want to hear about scatterbrained.. I showed up for my 9:30 appointment at 10:30.. woops! We'll just blame that one on baby brain! ;o)

In other news, Isabelle and I have been trying to take advantage of as many biking days as possible before the baby comes. It has been so nice to get off the treadmill and back on my bike. There's a park right near our house so after our rides we've been stopping there after our ride so she can play for a bit. I'm sure there is much entertainment to be had in seeing a 9 month pregnant lady on a bike pulling a trailer. LOL! And I think I will leave you with that lovely image! ;o)

PS..just a little teaser.. I have to cutest pictures I need to go through to post..oh and a hint..they aren't of me! HAHA!

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