Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Sunshine!

Isabelle and I hit the polls today after gymnastics. It is me and Jason's first time voting in the general election. It's probably best that we never did before considering we didn't know anything about any of the candidates and didn't really have much of an opinion on any issues. I am pretty sure everyone has an issue on this election, though! I am so not a political soapboxer, so have no fear, I will not be spouting off all of my opinions! I know this was everyone's concern since I am such an outwardly opinionated person! LOL!

Last night we had the news on...which I think it might be the first time in my life that I have watched the news as we never watch it..but we were watching it for election stuff. Isabelle kept asking who the people were on the tv so we told her about Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain (or "Mr Bobama" and "Mr CaCain" as Isabelle says!). Obviously, she is 2 so we didn't get into some in depth political debate with her, but we told her they both wanted to be the president and that tomorrow we were all going to vote for who we wanted to win. She listed some people and asked if they were going to vote and kept pointing at Mr. Obama and Mr McCain on the screen. So I asked her if she would vote for Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama. She didn't think long and replied, very enthusiastically I might add, with "Mr. Bobama"! LOL! I asked her if she would vote for him because she liked saying his name and she said, "yep". HAHA!

We waited in line to vote for a little under an hour. Jason was there at 6AM this morning and had to wait for 1 hr 45 mins. I was really hoping that long of a wait was not in our future! I brought lots of little toys and snacks to help keep her occupied. We vote at Animal Care and Control so luckily there were lots of animals for her to look at. She did great at the polls and one of the volunteers gave her a cookie for being such a good girl. She drew lots of pictures of trees for the people waiting. It seemed like she helped them pass the time too with her drawings and songs. She is definitely quite the performer! And she loved telling everyone about how Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama both wanted to be president and asking them if they were going to vote!

A lot of things that we talk to Isabelle about, for example the election, you never really quite know what she gets and what she just memorizes and is good at repeating in context. I was quite surprised though that when I went to get her up from her nap she greeted me with, "who won?"..."who won what?" I asked. To which she says, "Who won the race? Mr Obama or Mr McCain?" I think this little girl is never going to cease to amaze me!

Hope everyone gets out and votes today!

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