Sunday, November 9, 2008

All the fun pregnant details and stuff!

So..pregnant again! Haha! Our goal was to have the birthdays close so we were really hoping to get pregnant in September. I couldn't believe it actually happened according to plan though! Actually it has taken quite a while for it to sink in and feel real... I think it is because we are so wrapped up in taking care of Isabelle that most days I forget I am even pregnant until I sit down to relax at the end of a day!

Right now I am 11 weeks.. very excited to be nearing the end of the 1st trimester. I have been so fortunate to not really have any symptoms or sickness at all. The only thing I have really experienced is being utterly and completely exhausted! It works out nicely though since Isabelle likes to sleep in, take long naps and go to bed early. I have just assumed the schedule of a 2 year old! LOL!

So far so good in the blood pressure department so I am happy about that. Hopefully it won't go up at the end again. Also doing good in the weight gain department! Eleven weeks in and haven't gained any weight yet (actually lost 2 lbs however that happened!) and also am not showing yet!

We've been to the Dr's at 5 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks.. next time we go back is 14 weeks. I gotta tell you I am really enjoying the benefits of a 2nd pregnancy with the same Dr! So far I have gotten 2 free ultrasounds! Our insurance only pays for 1 ultrasound so with Isabelle we got the one at 20 weeks. With this one they gave me one at 6 weeks during my nurse's visit and then at our last appt at 10 weeks! I've been seeing the midwife at the office and I really love her! I wish she delivered at our hospital, but I really like my OB too so is fine too! Anyway, so she couldn't get a heartbeat on the doplar thing so she said she would just put me on the ultrasound machine quick so I wouldn't worry. First, it was amazing at the difference of 2 weeks! With the 8 week ultrasound it was pretty much just 2 balls and at the 10 week ultrasound the baby's arms and legs were moving around.. it was really cool! The second thing with the 10 week ultrasound was that we learned that the egg probably implanted on the back of my uterus because the placenta is all in front of the baby...making it difficult to get the heartbeat on the doplar thing.

Of course we can't forget Isabelle in a post!! Today we learned that she loves blue cheese.. odd, right? We went to Friday's for lunch and first our waitress was in shock that instead of the classic "chicken fingers and fries" that most kids eat (my child is odd and not a fan of fried food..or chocolate and candy but that is a whole other post!) Isabelle wanted broccoli and cheddar soup! HAHA! She is a soup fanatic! She loves anything from broccoli and cheddar to french onion to clam chowder! Then she pretty much devoured Jason's blue cheese on his cobb salad! I think she more developed palate then I had at 23! LOL!

This morning we went to brunch at our friend's house. Isabelle got to play with 2 of her best friends, Adan and Bobby. They are so cute together.. now they are getting to the age where there are lots of fights to settle but they still all play really well together! So she was excited to play with them and get to see baby Kate (Bobby is a new big brother!!) and we were excited to eat good food and spend some time with friends.

Well, I am off to enjoy some more family time and a nice warm fire! Oh, almost forgot I have to add the ultrasound pics.. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Here are pics from 8 week ultrasound.. Meet Baby Koons #2! Oh and looks like there is only 1 in there! Whew!

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Courtney said...

Congrats again! And lucky you feeling so good.