Monday, November 3, 2008

Princess Power!

One of our new favorite hobbies is to watch Isabelle play with her toys. Sometimes it is very hard to just watch and resist the temptation to not join her and dive head first into the little world she has created..a world so pure and so innocent.

A world where Princesses ride around on firetrucks and fight fires and then go to Cebolla's when they are hungry! LOL! I think we eat there too much!

It is such a treasure though to witness her imagination at work..the stories that get told and the songs that get made up. When she is in her world she is totally and completely lost in it all...she notices no distractions...

Except of course when I get caught taking pictures... woops! Pay no attention to the crazy lady with the big black camera pointed at you!

We noticed her imagination start to really take off around the time we went to Disney. We had gotten her the Princess figures to help entertain her during lines and anytime we had to wait while we were at Disney World. They have ended up being the best $10 I think I have ever spent! Now at least 3 or 4 princesses go with us everywhere..Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Belle. She also says good morning to them every morning when she comes downstairs. They used to be allowed to go to bed with her, but then we had some sleep issues so now the princesses have to stay downstairs and make sure Kashmir behaves! Most of the time they do a pretty good job!

Also, take notice to the dress..she is Sleeping Beauty. Dressing up has become a big thing around here. She loves dressing up in the princess dresses that she has! We haven't reached the day where she wants to wear one in public but I am sure the day is not far away!

I love the look on her face when she is playing.. she is so focused! I think she makes the same face as Jason when she is focused. I wish I could find one of him focused on something...I guess its not as much fun taking pictures of him when he's working on something. haha! Her bottom lip goes out the same way his does when he is focused intently on something. Its so cute!

I also love how she sits Indian style..or I guess the new politically correct way is to say "cross-legged".. either way I think its super cute.

When we moved we found a box labeled "Jason's firetrucks". First we looked them up to make sure they weren't worth millions.. you can imagine our surprise to f ind out that they aren't. So they became Isabelle's to play with... and, naturally, the primary mode of transportation for the fire-fighting princesses! I sure am glad we have princess power protecting our home!

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