Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Weekend with Pap and Mel-Mel

My Dad and Mel came out for a visit this past weekend. Isabelle was so excited for them to come out! It was too short of a visit, but we had a great weekend..despite the cold weather and rain! We weren't too shocked though considering everytime they come to town it is bitter cold, so, hey, what's some rain thrown in?!?

They got to town Friday early evening. Isabelle and Mel kicked off the weekend with some serious coloring! Mel got a taste of coloring with Isabelle..basically you have about 10 seconds to color a picture before she turns the page! HAHA! We hung out for a bit and then went to dinner.

Saturday morning there was more playing and hanging out! Then we all got ready to head out for lunch. Jason had decided where we should go to lunch and we were all very excited..well, we got there and they don't serve lunch on Saturdays! Woops! So he came up with 2 more places to go and neither of them served lunch on Saturdays either! That kind of stuff happens to me and Jason all of the time, but it is usually on Sundays! HAHA! After lunch we went to the mall. Isabelle is in love with the Little Mermaid movie which is currently MIA so Daddy got her one of the other Ariel movies.. needless to say she was very excited! Then she was surprised by Pap when he got her the Princess Make-up table at the Disney Store! She had been drooling over it earlier when we were in there and when she realized that Pap was getting it she got really excited! She had the biggest smile on her face. It was so cute! She helped him carry the box to the car and wouldn't take her hand off of it. She helped Pap set it up when we got home and couldn't wait to try it out!

Then it was time for the moment Jason had been anticipating for months..it was time for the James Bond movie! Isabelle spent the evening hanging out with Karen and watching her new Ariel movie while we went to see the new Bond movie and go to dinner to Club Soda where the have "the" James Bond martini! I thought the movie was good..Jason, on the other hand, is still analyzing it! LOL! The night was a lot of fun! I am not going to lie.. I really missed my wine and espresso martini...oh, and not to forget my sashimi tuna (drool..)..and even whined about it a little..or a lot.. (hee hee!) but it was still a ton of fun!

Sunday morning we realized that the weekend had flown by so fast that we never took a family photo! So we took our picture with me, Jason and Isabelle in our pj's and Dad and Mel in their traveling clothes! LOL!

Sunday after they left for their journey home, Jason wanted to go to 2 furniture stores.. big surprise that they were closed on Sundays!!!

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