Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smiley Happy Baby

Wow so its been a little while, huh? We are all still alive..nothing too major has been happening. In the beginning of February Jason and I started doing P90X. It's a pretty intense workout program. We went from spending our evenings after kids went bed watching TV and surfing the net to working out. With P90X we are working out 6 days a week with Thursday nights being our day off. By the time we get done working out I am feeling pretty spent and blogging is the last thing I want to do. Then during the day it's busy busy with the usual kids and keeping up with the house type of stuff. Lately with the nice weather we've been spending a lot of days outside riding bikes. So I guess that's about it for my excuses.. I know, none of them are good excuses!

This little boy is growing up way too fast...but he is still my little baby. And, oh, is he a mama's boy! I do love it though I'm not going to lie. He does love his Daddy too though. When Jason gets home from work Schuyler just goes crazy. He crawls over to him as fast as his little knees will move and then climbs up his legs. Jason speaks and Sky just watches him with awe.
And of course you know he is crazy for his big sister. She is really enjoying him getting older and being able to play with him. He is so easy going and just goes along with whatever crazy thing she has him doing. I tell her it won't last long and he will develop an opinion about what he wants to do. I don't think she believes me though. She looks at me with this look on her face like, "yeah, ok, whatever you say Mom". Maybe she knows better than me that he won't have an opinion. That would be ok with me.. we have enough opinionated people in this house!
And smiley!! He is so smiley! So smiley and happy! Isabelle was a pretty happy baby as well so I know how fortunate we are to have 2 happy babies! He loves people and is soooo nosey! It is virtually impossible for him to fall asleep in public if there is something else going on. He needs to see everything that is going on and smile at everyone that comes within a 25 ft radius of him. He really does smile at everyone.. they don't even have to be looking at them he is just smiling away and so completely taken by them. It is my favorite though to watch people's reactions when they catch his eye and he is smiling at them. The first thing they do is smile back at him.. then they usually look around to make sure he isn't smiling and laughing at someone behind them making cooky faces or something..then they go back to smiling and waving and playing peek-a-boo. I'm a dork, I know.. watching my baby make people's probably a pretty weird thing to do..maybe a little self-indulgent, I don't know, but I guess this is my blog so that already makes me at least a little self-indulgent?? Anyway, some of those people though might have had the worst day ever or maybe they don't have anything in their lives to smile about and then in comes perma-smile Sky making them feel good about themselves. Yeah ok, I just read that all back through..I am a super dork. Smiley, happy baby.. you get the point I'm sure.
He totally thinks he is bigger then he really is. He seems to think he can stand by himself.. now mind you, he really can't. But he can't help but to pull himself up to standing and then let go of whatever he is holding onto. He should bend his little knees and sort of plop down.. does he do that? Nope. He pretty much just falls right on his head. The kid is bound and determined though to stand on his own. I think he still has a little while till he will be able to do it. I just pray he doesn't injure his brain in the process!
This is what he does when he gets tired. He will also rub this spot on my back near my shoulder or claw my neck. Love the clawing of the neck...its usually a reminder I need to trim his nails!
He may be getting big but he is still pretty tiny! I forget what he was at his 9 month appt but when I got home I checked Isabelle's 9 month stats and they were right the same. She was 25th percentile for height and weight and he is 5th percentile for both! I thought it was pretty crazy that for the same measurements there was that much difference in percentiles between boys and girls! I have so much to update on Isabelle too.. I promise it won't be forever until I post again!

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