Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My baby sister

now has a baby of her own..

Sometimes its still hard for me to believe that he is actually hers..

And she is now responsible for keeping another human being alive
which is kind of frightening to think about.. (just kidding ;o) )
She is doing so good..she has always been so good with Isabelle and Schuyler so I just knew she would be a good mom...and she is.
It's been so fun watching her as a mom, but so crazy all at once. I mean, remember her being born.. it makes me feel all mushy gushy and old all at once. ;o)
She is so young and has so many things going against her but she isn't letting any of them bring her down.. I am so proud of her for how hard good she is doing..
Now my little baby sister has a beautiful little family of her own... so CRAZY!!!


amy said...

hi, Jennifer. what sweet, sweet photos. you sound like such a proud aunt and sister! :)

Lorrie said...

Izzy's mom,
I wish I had a Whole Foods as well. We have locally owned stores here. I have started looking for Fresh Market deals for you. Hopefully I will come up with something soon. Thanks for the feedback.