Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My 3 Favorite People

Sure they are all in their pj's (I have no clue why Isabelle is wearing bottoms from one set and a top from another!), but I just love this photo. Its nothing special, but they had no clue I was taking it and for some reason it just speaks to me. It makes me feel happy. :)
And this goofball, I am convinced, is dead set on giving herself the most chapped lips ever. I have no clue why but winter arrived and she's always got that tongue of hers out licking her lips.

My favorite part of the day is going to check on the kids before going to bed. I especially love it now that Sky rolls to his side or belly. He just looks so cute all curled up sleeping there like a little person. Isabelle is always on her back totally sprawled out. Sometimes at the bottom of the bed, but always on her back, legs spread, arms by her side. That's how she slept as a baby too. She never rolled onto her belly to sleep and she didn't fancy sleeping on her side...on her back, sprawled out and at that time her arms were both up beside her head. I wonder if Sky will be a belly sleeper like his Mama or a side sleeper like his Daddy...or maybe he'll end up sprawled out back sleeper like his big sissy.

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