Saturday, December 19, 2009

During the remodel of the kids' bathroom, Schuyler's make-shift bathtub has become the kitchen sink. He has been loving getting baths in the sink and I like it too because it forces me stay on top of the dishes!

Jason is working on the bathroom this morning before he goes to help Adam and Mindy move into their new house. Of course it hasn't snowed yet this season and it snowed last night. Looks like its still coming down too. I am not sure how much we are supposed to end up with. I hope it stops for the move..then it can start back up again!

Tonight we have a sitter for Sky and we are taking Isabelle to the Holiday Pops concert. She and I went and saw the Nutcracker ballet a few weeks ago. She was in awe the entire time. I wasn't sure if she would get the story since there aren't any words but she caught everything. I was amazed and it was so fun to watch her be taken by the story. Everytime a song from the nutcracker is played on tv or the radio she will point it out. Since she has been so into the musical part we thought we would take her to the Holiday Pops concert tonight. I think she is most excited about dressing up. I thought she would be excited that it is just her, mommy and daddy but she keeps asking why Schuyler isn't coming along and worrying about if his feelings will be hurt. How sweet.

Since I have figured out that I can email pics from my is one of her at the Nutcracker. I think she will be wearing the same dress tonight. I had a different one planned but she informed me last night that this was the dress she wanted to wear.

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