Saturday, October 3, 2009

So those vacation pictures I've been promising..gosh I can't believe its already been a month. The day we left for vacation Schuyler turned 3 he turned 4 months. Yikes. Time is just going too fast. Honestly, it freaks me out. Its just so crazy...too crazy. But anyway that's not the point. The point is to share our photos from vacation and so here we go...

We flew out of Indy September 3rd headed to Wilmington, NC. The kids both did awesome on the flights. Isabelle has always been an awesome traveler and Sky LOVES being held so of course he was awesome the entire trip. After we got to Grandma and Papoo's house we headed over to the beach because Isabelle was dying to see the ocean. We hung out there for a little bit then headed over to this pizza place for dinner. Oh the pizza there was so good. So good. We were all exhausted that night.

Isabelle loved playing with Grandma's sea shells. She loves the conch shell because you could hear the ocean in it. Her mind was just blown by this fact and she was constantly putting them all up to her ear to make sure she could hear it in there.

Grandma and Papoo had to work Friday so we packed up the car and the 4 of us headed over to the beach. Schuyler pretty much spent the whole day in the tent napping and Isabelle had a blast playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean.


On Saturday we all got up and got ready to go to Brookgreen Gardens and then we were heading over to Freestyle Music Park..formerly Hard Rock Park. The gardens were really cool. Isabelle absolutely loved smelling all of the flowers and watching all of the butterflies. There is also a little zoo-like section of the gardens. We were all into it until we saw seriously the freakiest looking spiders (oh and not to mention HUGE!!!) and they were EVERYWHERE. Yeah, you be the judge.
I know you can't really tell the size but trust me they were huge. And they were everywhere. Ick. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Yuck.

Afterwards we headed to Freestyle Park. Izzie was so excited about going to the music park! Daddy had a very proud moment too.. he got to ride Isabelle's first real roller coaster with her..Hang Ten He was beyond thrilled when we got home and he found the coaster on the roller coaster database website. OMG though it was so stinkin cute watching Isabelle on this ride. She was so excited and absolutely loved it. First she went with her Daddy and, oh my goodness, the look on her face when they were coming down the hill...pure joy. It was such a great feeling just watching her. Then she rode it with Papoo and she even put her arms in the air like a true enthusiast! I also got to ride it with her. It was seriously my favorite ride of the park..the whole experience is one of my favorite memories ever. Oh before I post the pics I should say that the reason everyone has their hand over her lap is because the bar didn't go the whole way down onto her lap and we were all a bit paranoid that she was going to go flying out. Haha!

It took us a while to convince her that there were other rides to ride and to get her to move on from the roller coaster. Well, the next ride was the train. Yeah, check out how thrilled she is to be on this ride. Oh this one just cracks me up!
The bouncing cars offered a little more excitement for her and our little daredevil was putting her arms in the air when the ride did the big bounce.

The whirlygig ride she was not very happy that she couldn't reach the pedals. Little miss independent!

Then, somehow, she and her Daddy ended up back on Hang Ten AGAIN and this time they were front row!

We ended up finally making it over to the "big kid" roller coaster after we grabbed some dinner. Isabelle was so upset that she wasn't tall enough to ride it. Daddy tried to get her mind off of it by getting her a butterfly wand that lit also sings some song that we are pretty sure is in Japanese. It is seriously the most annoying song ever. The saddest part is that somehow she has it memorized!
We got home pretty late that night and spent Sunday just hanging around the house relaxing. I'm pretty sure we had shrimp burgers for dinner that night too. Yummy!!!

Well, the bed is calling my name so I need to get to sleep. I promise that it won't take me a month to share the rest of our pics. Hopefully I will get them up tomorrow while Jason is scraping the ceiling in the kids' bathroom.

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Courtney said...

That Japanese singing wand is the most annoying product ever made. EVER! I think that song will forever be in my head, and that was only after one night!