Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have so much to write about and so many pictures to share but I am feeling like I have a bit of writer's block..maybe that is the wrong word..maybe it is just plain motivation that I am lacking right now. This week was pretty crazy. Isabelle started preschool and I got the bright idea that the same week would be a good time to start back doing scripts. HA! Not one of my finest ideas that's for sure! I will be happy when I have the extra money though but for now I am going to whine about it. :o) Some days were challenging to find the time when I was pregnant (ok, who am I kidding..some of those days just getting out of bed was a challenge! LOL!) so now with trying to figure out our new routine and coordinating naptimes so I can get the scripts done while they sleep...its just been a challenge...we'll figure it out but for now I am just exhausted.. not to mention I have been out of coffee and coke all week. Jason picked up Taco Bell one night on his way home and I asked him to order me a coke. I have never been so excited for a coke. Wouldn't you know they give me a stinkin' root beer. Gag. I wanted to cry.

Ok enough about that. Isabelle has really been getting good at drawing and has been drawing with sidewalk chalk a lot. Just wanted to share some of her recent work :o)

smiley face

a flower

a sad face
She was very proud of her work! She loves drawing and coloring and has really made a lot of progress with both things this summer. It's been fun to watch her grow in those areas. She's almost a better at coloring then I am...almost. ;o)

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