Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rest of Vacation

Monday we chanced the weather forecast and headed to the beach and I am so glad we did. The weather ended up being perfect! I think it started to rain just as we were leaving.

Jason and I got to have a date night that night. We went to Broadway at the Beach and ate and Landry's. It was really nice to get away just the 2 of us without the kids. It doesn't get to happen all that often so when it does we really enjoy it!

Our last day of vacation we went to Southport so we could eat at one of our favorite restaurants, "Fishy Fishy". It didn't disappoint! Love that place! Oh gosh though I totally forgot about the events before going to Southport! The night before Isabelle was torturing their cat, Gilbert, when he must have decided he'd had enough and bit her ear and the side of her head. The next morning her ear was really swollen and the bite just looked not good. We got to spend the morning in Urgent Care. I thought Jason was going to lose it because the front desk girls just did not care about doing their jobs and getting us in and out as quickly as possible. I experience the same emotions when having to go to a place like that as I do when we go to the BMV. Fun times all around! Dr Rocky perscribed Isabelle some antibiotics and off to Southport we went. We ate at Fishy Fishy and walked around town a little bit. Then we just headed back to the house to just relax and start packing.

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