Saturday, June 13, 2009

Isabelle's Birthday Party

On Saturday, May 31st we had a birthday party for Isabelle. We did a princesses and princes theme (the theme is a big surprise, huh?). She was so excited to get to celebrate her birthday with all of her friends. One of the things I love most about this age is that she was excited for all of her friends to come over and play with her and eat cake for her birthday and she didn't realize there would be presents involved....naturally once the presents started arriving she was quite excited about getting to open them!
Isabelle did her guest list all by herself and she was so excited that everyone she invited was able to come to celebrate with us. She also helped with the invitations that I thought turned out really cute. I would upload the picture of them but my computer is currently broken and that's where the file is. Anyway, in attendance to her royal celebration was Prince Adan, Princess Daisy, Prince Preston, Prince Bobby, and Princess Meredith...of course their kings and queens were invited too! ;o) She also got to celebrate with Brad and Nicole, Gammy and Pappy, and Karen!
We had the girls decorate tiara's and magic wands and the boys decorated crowns and shields. Of course the kids wouldn't all wear their crowns and tiaras at the same time...who do these kids think they are having an opinion!?!? hee hee! ;o)
We also had a pinata for the kids. Thanks to Heidi we learned that they were supposed to pull the strings from the bottom of it to release the candy. We still let them smack the thing around with a stick first...surprisingly no kids were injured! Whew! Another amazing thing about this age is there was still candy left from the pinata on the grass after the kids all took what they wanted. I think everyone was pretty shocked about that one! LOL!
Then it was cake time! Isabelle had picked out the cake that she wanted from Scott's all by herself. Thank goodness she stuck with the theme and went with a princess cake! She was very excited about cake time...even though she won't eat the cake..just the icing!
Finally it was present time! She let each of her friends help her open her presents...I was so proud of her. She deemed Adan her card opener and he was in charge of opening all of the cards for her. She would wait for him to open the card, then I would read it and then she would open the present. Her friends know her well and they all got perfect presents for her. She loved everything!
She is still talking about all of the fun she had with her friends at her birthday party. I knew it was risky having it so close to my due date but I am so glad everything worked out and Jason and I were able to be there too!

Click here to see all the pics from the party

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