Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Isabelle Turns 3!

There's so much I need to update about from before Schuyler was even born! I still can't believe it's already been a week that he's been with us! Feels like it has been so much longer and not that long all at once! I'm already forgetting what life was like with just one kid.. how did I ever think I was busy!?!? LOL!

So...gosh...where to begin!? Well, we will start with the most exciting news...Isabelle turned 3!
Her birthday was on Wednesday, May 27th. She started the day off by getting to pick one present to open and she chose the gift from her cousins, Emily and Owen. It was the playdoh ice cream maker and it was quite a hit. Isabelle would make pretend ice cream cones out of pretty much everything so she was very excited about that!

I had asked her if she wanted me to get her a birthday shirt or if she wanted to wear a dress and of course she chose picking out a dress. We got her a button and tiara so everyone would know she was the birthday girl. For her birthday during the day she said she wanted to go to It's Playtime with Adan. We picked up some special birthday cookies at Scott's for the kids (and me and Mindy of course!) to enjoy.

Daddy left work a little early to meet us at Isabelle's birthday dinner choice...Chick Fil A. Now that might seem like a normal 3 year old choice (Jason was rather disappointed that she didn't say Chuck E Cheese!) except that Isabelle doesn't like fried food so she doesn't even eat there. I get the one salad and so she will pick out the cheese, carrots and anything else that looks appealing to her. Oh and of course croutons! She loves the play area though and that kids get free ice cream. It happened to be kid's night so there were lots of kids for her to play with in the play area.

After dinner we headed back home for presents. She was so funny with opening them. She wouldn't look to see what the present was until ever last piece of tape and paper was off of it. It was so cute. Jason and I would keep asking her what it was and she would say "I don't know. We'll have to see!" There was lots of princess themed presents so of course Isabelle was a happy girl!

Isabelle had a great third birthday. She had me sing "Happy Birthday" to her probably 20 times. She would say, "Mommy you sing Happy Birthday to me please". When we put her to bed for the night she asked if her birthday was over and if she could have another one again soon. It really was a fun day with her being at a age where she enjoyed every little aspect of her birthday so much. Two was a really fun year with her personality and sense of humor really coming out... I am hopeful that three will be even more fun!

click here to see pictures from her birthday

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