Monday, July 4, 2011

a boy and his dog

This boy loves his dog.

He talks nonstop all day to Kashmir, about Kashmir, "where is Kashy?"

The feeling is mutual though but I'm fairly certain the only reason Kashmir allows Schuyler to do whatever he wants to her is because she is a smart girl and knows you do not bite the hand that feeds you. And Schuyler makes sure that Kashmir never goes hungry.

Which has resulted in Kashmir having a weight problem....again. They are a match made in heaven due to their shared love of food and eating. So, naturally, Schuyler makes sure to share all of his food with Kashmir. Have I mentioned he eats nonstop all day?

We are trying our hardest to fix this problem before it results in another knee surgery. The fact that she has already had knee surgery and is getting up there in age makes the weight problem this go around feel much more serious.

He isn't exactly the best listener though...that or he just doesn't care what we say. Probably a little bit of both. We constantly tell him she can't have people food and he gives us that smile as he hands her another bite. Little stinker.
You can try hard to get frustrated with him but its something about that smile..its impossible. Trust me I have tried very hard these past 2 years. It is virtually impossible to stay mad at that boy for more than 2 seconds before he smiles or does something to make you burst into laughter.
Hopefully that quality will take him far in life. But, for now, it leaves me in a life filled with moments of frustration that last for only a second before I'm left smiling and shaking my head wondering where I went wrong.
But we do have one very happy dog!


Courtney said...

It must be something with these younger boys....I cannot stay mad at Owen either. His sweet little smile makes it impossible! I bet Jason had that going on too...probably why he got away with a lot more than his big sister did! :)

Courtney said...

I think it's something about the younger child...I can't stay mad at Owen either! He smiles that adorable smile at me, and all is forgiven in seconds! I'm sure Jason used that too...probably why he got away with a lot more than his big sister did :)