Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to Remodeling

We started remodeling the kids' bathroom after we got back from vacation. This past weekend we installed the new tub! Our house now has one less colored toilet, bathtub and shell sink! LOL! Jason got to try his hand at plumbing and did an awesome job! There were definitely a lot of opportunities for leaks and he didn't have any! I must say I was impressed!


Vanity and tile removed

Bye-Bye popcorn ceiling!

Bye-Bye wallpapered shelves!

Jason modifying our pipes

LOL.. Getting ready to take apart the old tub. It was fiberglass so he had to protect himself so he didn't get the particles all over his skin.

Bye bye old and stinky toilet!

Last night we did the last test on the tub to make sure none of the pipes leak. I forget what step is next. I think maybe hanging the cement board and fixing all of the drywall we had to tear down. Oh yeah and we moved the exhaust fan so we have to finish that up. Jason has to work Saturday so hopefully we will have a chance to get some stuff done on Sunday.

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